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Sia Talks Writing For Christina Aguilera's Album 'Bionic' And Movie 'Burlesque' - jennyinla
Sia Talks Writing For Christina Aguilera's Album 'Bionic' And Movie 'Burlesque'

Idolator caught up with Sia.  The 34 year old Australian native herself is in the midst of a major label bidding war ahead of the release of her own fourth studio LP We Are Born. It’s a record that contains guitar work from a Strokes member and production from The Bird And The Bee mastermind Greg Kurstin.  

Sia has revealed new details about her Christina Aguilera songs, her plans for Coachella weekend, plus her charitable dalliances in the underworld.

As for her collaboration with Christina, Sia told Idolator, "There are four of them. I think they’re called “I Am”—I called it “Lullaby” but she’s given it another name. But I think it’s called, um—[she starts singing]—oh, “All I Need”! And it’s “All I Need,” “You Lost Me,” “I Am” and something like “Stronger.” But I don’t think she called it “Stronger” in the end. That’s just what we called it. We just call it something while it’s in the working process and then she gives it it’s name. There are some where it totally lends itself to its name and there are others where it’s just like, “No, we had a song called ‘Fighter’ so we don’t want a song called ‘Stronger.’” But they’re all on there. She’s pretty awesome. It was pretty crazy when she sang at me for the first time. Then we did another one for her movie with Cher [Burlesque]. So it’s been a really good collaboration, actually."

Source: http://idolator.com/5437682/sia-interview-christina-aguilera-we-are-born-bionic
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